Gaurd Arrested
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A prison guard at the State Correctional Institution at Somerset has been arrested after being accused of smuggling drugs into the prison. Shawn Kirkpatrick of Carrolltown, is accused of working at the prison with an inmate who was once known as the crack cocaine king of Blair County. The arrest is the result of what appears to be an investigation that has gone on since September. That's when police said they started monitoring the phone calls of Akil Kohnson, an inmate at SCI Somerset. According to documents filed in Somerset County District Court, Johnson was continuing a drug smuggling and dealing ring inside the prison, even after being arrested for doing much the same thing outside of it. State police got a tip this was happening and started monitoring all of Johnson's phone calls on the prison phones, court documents said. Eventually, that led them to Kirkpatrick. According to an affidavit, he was helping smuggle marijuana and suboxone into the prison. State police, through recorded phone calls and undercover work, were eventually able to track down evidence he was involved court documents said. Kirkpatrick was questioned earlier this month and questioned. On Thursday, his home in Carrolltown was searched. Police found a facsimile pipe bomb, a booby trap with a firing pin activated by a trip wire 17 prepacked baggies of marijuana and other paraphernalia The arrest came after SCI-Somerset was put on lockdown a number of times in the last few months, for reasons ranging from stabbings in the prison to contraband found inside. A spokesperson for SCI Somerset said Friday that they couldn't comment because there's still an active investigation into contraband in the prison.