Patient Injuries
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The Medicare online database shows that nearly 800 hospitals across the country have been penalized for high rates of patient injury and infection, including two local hospitals. Of the 800 nationwide, 32 of those hospitals are in Pennsylvania, including UPMC Altoona and J.C. Blair Memorial. The program, part of the Affordable Care Act, penalizes hospitals by reducing the Medicare reimbursement they would otherwise receive, according to the website. Data shows J.C. Blair has also been penalized in the past. The database does not list patient details but lists the hospitals penalized or not penalized. Dennis Lane, of Huntingdon, lives near J.C. Blair. He said he's surprised by these results because his wife is a nurse at the hospital, and he's never had a problem there. "All of my experiences up there have been good I've had heart attacks and strokes and have gotten life flighted from there several times." UPMC Altoona and J.C. Blair did not respond to inquiries as of Monday evening.