Penn State Greek Life
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The death of a Penn State student last year has forced the university to adopt new measures for all Greek Life behavior. This includes a report cart of sorts to monitor and discipline fraternities and sororities. These report cards were first released after the spring of 2017. Now they have release them for this fall. And they show there will be more fraternity suspensions. In the past six months, three more fraternities within the IFC lost recognitions for alcohol and hazing violations. Alpha Sigma Phi was suspended December 1st, Yesterday Pi Delta Psi saw a Statewide ban after the death of a pledge in a 2013 hazing event in Monroe County. The fraternity here at Penn State was not involved but it also could be banned. The vice president of student affairs released this statement "Penn State is doing what it can do to be transparent about the status of each Greek letter oranization and to hold each chapter and individual member accountable. When negative outcomes occur the university, if necessary, will take disciplinary action."