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Tonight in our Civic Service Report we want to introduce you to a very special woman. She puts her own life challenges behind her to bring a smile to those around her. Do you think any kind of number of thank yous would be enough for all she's done? "No. We could never thank her enough." "This design right there." This is Margaret Storm. A well known resident of Chest Springs and Patton Borough. Everyone knows her. She has left her mark in this town. Margaret was in a car accident two months and one day after her wedding day. That left her unable to walk. She's never let her disability hold her back. In fact, each Easter she dresses up in an Easter bunny outfit made by her mother 30 years ago and every year since she goes to nursing homes and to children's Easter egg hunts. " They see a person in a wheelchair like they are. Just glad to see somebody different. It makes their day." Margaret also makes her own greeting cards and delivers about 20 a month to nursing homes, as well as sending them out to community members. That's not all she does. Margaret stays busy at the Grange Hall and teaching 4H to not just one but two generations of Patton Borough. "I want to thank her for everything she has done for myself, my family, my brother, my husband and i. Our kids. The whole community." "She definitely stands out in the community. She does things above and beyond." "It really surprised me. Really surprised me. Just shocked. I know people, you know. But I just haven't been around much because I've been disabled." Now if you have a story of a person or an organization in if your community doing good work to help others, do let us know. Every Thursday we will be showcasing them right here in our Civic Service Report. Message us on our Facebook page that ABC23 WATM.