Sunoco Logistics
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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a $12.6 million penalty against Sunoco Pipeline LLP for numerous permit violations in relation to the Mariner 2 East pipeline. All construction on the pipeline was halted Jan. 3 after the DEP said it found 32 violations from May 9 to Dec. 22. Some of those violations occurred in Huntingdon and Blair counties. As part of a consent agreement with the fine the DEP last Friday lifted the order that had suspended construction. "Since the permit suspension over a month ago Sunoco has demonstrated that it has taken steps to ensure the company will conduct the remaining pipeline construction activities in accordance with the law and permit conditions, and will be allowed to resume." "DEP will be monitoring activities closely to ensure that Sunoco is meeting the terms of this agreement and its permits." DEP officials said since the Jan. 3 suspension order, Sunoco has revised its Operations Plan and will be implementing measures and control to minimize inadvertent returns and water supply incidents.