Thon 2018
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We are just days away from THON, the world's largest, student run dance marathon. The event raises millions of dollars every year for pediatric cancer. As hundreds of volunteers prepare, some students Monday participated in the sixth annual "No Hair, Don't Care" event. With just four days left until THON weekend the Penn State community is gearing up for another busy weekend. Several students shaved their heads to stand in solidarity with those affected by cancer. The sound of razors is what you hear walking into the campus student hub. "They have short hair, you know... it doesn't necessarily mean that they are different, we want to make them feel welcome and accepted." Penn State students are shaving their heads in support of THON families ahead of the big weekend event. "It feels good, It's such an incredible feeling to be able to give back to so many incredible families that we work with every single year." Brady Lucas was a four diamonds child in the past and believes it's important to do these small events leading up to THON weekend. "Showing the kids that they're not alone in their fight, that so many college students are willing to do something as simple as shave their head to simply give them the chance to just live their dream and do what they want to do." The community is coming together to raise as many dollars as they can before the dance marathon. Participants pay $10 to get their head shaved and the donations go straight to THON. "Knowing that I'm going to have less hair just for the sake of somebody else feeling happy I think is something internally rewarding." Students say they'd do whatever they can to help any child battling cancer. "We want to make sure they feel comfortable and they're going through crazy hard things so, anything we can do to kind of put ourselves in their place and feel vulnerable like they do is what we're aiming for." In the past, this event alone has raised more than $2,000. One barber 6 News spoke with said she cut more than a dozen people's hair in the first hour. The THON dance marathon kicks off Friday at 6 p.m.