Nestle Water Factory
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Following the announcement of a proposed Nestle water factory in Centre County, officials are hosted an information session open to the public to ask questions and address concerns. It happened Monday at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology. Spring Township officials seem to be moving full speed ahead while some Centre County residents are on fence about it. Monday was the first time that representatives from Nestle were a part of the conversation. The reason this is so controversial is because residents fear Nestle will start extracting more water than agreed to. Nationwide, Nestle has been making headlines with the lengthy legal battles in rural towns such as in Maine and Western Michigan. Residents don't want that to be the case here. Last time we talked to the Spring Township Water Authority Chairman he said Nestle is still in the testing process, but the Township doesn't see any potential roadblocks in the deal. He says he's done his homework on how they treat communities and tells us he has received only glowing reviews.