Beta Theta Pi Prosecutor
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A major developments Monday in the Penn State Beta Theta Pi case. The new Prosecutor makes the first appearance in Court. Brian Zarallo now heads the Prosecution team. He's the Chief Deputy in the State A.G.'S office Monday it was a pretrial conference day. Zarallo says they won't pursue the refiling of assault charges, aggravated or simple assault, but will refile involuntary manslaughter charges against several of the defendants in the death of Timothy Piazza. 25 Fraternity members are charged in connection to what Police say was alcohol fueled hazing event at that led to his death. The A.G.'s office is dismissing charges against the fraternity corporation. Other charges being added are from what's known as "the basement tape" from a camera in the frat house basement with the video being recovered with the help of the FBI. Prosecutors wants to streamline the case after a Centre County Judge asked how to continue this and move forward quickly.