Elk County Trout-a-Thon
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If you are lucky enough to catch a tagged trout in Elk County this Spring, you could win a prize or even a free beer. The Ridgeway Elk County Chamber of Commerce starting a new fishing tradition called the Trout-a-Thon. The goal of the Trout-a-Thon is to promote tourism in Elk County, and with the prizes donated by local businesses they hope it will give people a reason to explore the area. The Ridgeway Elk County Chamber of Commerce was tagging trout Thursday in preparation for the First Annual Trout-a-Thon. If you are lucky enough to catch one of the 200 blue tagged trout, simply turn the tag into the Welcome Center and draw for a prize. Trout are supplied and stocked by the Domtar Fish and Game Club. They received 12,000 Brook, Palamino, and Rainbow trout annually. Due to the cold weather temperatures of the Clarion River, they can grow to sizable lengths. They get on average of 11 1/2 to 12 inch fish. Sometimes it's not uncommon to have fish 14 and 15 inches. The idea of tagging them for prizes comes from Straub Brewery. Since the 80s the St. Mary's company has been tagging fish for cases of beer as a way to thank their customers. Prizes have been donated by local merchants and range from pizza and gift certificates to Pittsburgh Steelers tickets. Now officials say the Trout-a-Thon is an event they plan to continue for years to come. It starts this Saturday for the first day of trout, and lasts until May 31st.