Martin's Fire Update
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We have continuing coverage on this massive fire this week in Huntington County. The owners of Martin's Garden Center outside Tyrone said they will reopen to customers Tomorrow. This is day 3 of cleanup, and by the looks you wouldn't have even known there was a fire here. The green house where they do most of their sales was completely engulfed in flames. Obviously, it was a tough site for the owner to see, but the story is how quickly the community gathered together to help out a family business. The owner, David Martin, tells us he sees between 20-30 volunteers coming here every day to assist with cleanup and reconstruction. He says he is overwhelmed with how fast things have turned around. He estimates a total of 1,000 hours already put in by volunteers since Wednesday morning. We still don't know what caused the fire, but the owner says it was probably the wood burner. The Martin family says they never been through something this devastating, but David is thankful that after the time and energy he has put into this business, now in its time of need, the community is giving back. Volunteers have been here since the very early morning until late at night, and the good news is just a few days after a devastating fire the business will reopen Tomorrow.