Holocaust Education
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This week, students across the world learned about the atrocities of the holocaust. They honored the 6 million Jews killed under the Nazi Regime, along with millions of other people. Thursday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day and today the Altoona Area School District transformed its library into a museum. Those students tell us those images and the sounds truly impacted them. The teachers said it was so important for those students to learn about the genocide and remember it today. "I thought it was a made up thing, I didn't think it was real." Those are words that an Altoona seventh grade teacher says he hears a lot. The disbelief that hate could stretch as far as it did during the Holocaust. Altoona Area students are pausing this week to not just read about the lives lost in the textbook, but to look at the faces of the starving, beaten people in the camps. They listened to American soldiers breaking down just thinking of the sights from their days in the service. The kids say that these images leave them asking questions that have haunted generations, but the students walked out of the library with a more hopeful lesson for their generation. Teachers tell us the students were also taught about genocides that are occurring currently in other countries.