Punxsutawney Rescue Animals
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Just weeks after the owner of a Punxsutawney Animal Sanctuary was forced to leave its property, the community is stepping in to help the hundreds of animals in need in. In April, the owner of the Sanctuary was forced to leave her property after a lengthy legal battle. Now, members of the community are forced to pick up the pieces. A Supreme Court Judge upheld the order issued by a Jefferson County Judge that the owner would have to leave her property and remove all of the animals living there. Several local shelters stepped up to the plate. The Manager at the Gateway Humane Society says they picked up 8 dogs from the property on Wednesday. She says the dogs were in poor condition. They were covered in mud and they were in desperate need of grooming. The problem here is the shelter is already at capacity and these dogs are just not adaptable right now. She says the Sanctuary is a good thing turned bad. When the Sanctuary was evicted, their website says there were 50 dogs, 200 cats, 12 birds, and several other farm animals including pigs and horses and even cows. It seems many of the farm animals have already been taken from the Sanctuary. While the Gateway Humane Society has no more room for the dogs, the good news is there are other shelters in the area such as Jefferson and Clearfield Counties working together to give the animals a safe home.