State College Closings
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Between the Rathskeller, Spats Cafe, and The Diner all recently closing, many people in State College are wondering why so many iconic establishments have suddenly shut their doors. We spoke to many long time restaurant owners in State College, who are proud to have been in the same location for decades, some even close to a century. However, they tell us their businesses are being threatened and that the threat is only growing. The Tavern is celebrating its 70th year in business. Pat Daugherty, owner of The Tavern, says "When we first bought the restaurant in 1980, the number of restaurants in town were a fraction of what they are now." However, the costs haven't deterred new businesses from opening very close to his. Pat says food delivery has made his job harder, much like online shopping has put many retail stores out of business. With nearly a century in business, the legendary Corner Room has outlasted a lot of businesses Downtown, but General Manager John Briggs says Downtown doesn't usually change this quickly. But he's not worried about the trend and expects business to pick up in tandem with people moving Downtown. With four new sky rises built recently, some of which to be used for housing, he believes the new residents will drive the economy. State College Mayor Donald Hahn said as long as there's a space in State College, someone will fill it.