Beta Theta Pi Advisor
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Jury selection could begin within a few weeks for some of the 25 fraternity members charged in Penn State's Beta Theta Pi fraternity hazing case. Defense Attorneys on Monday argued against a motion by the State Attorney General's Office to reinstate some of the most serious criminal counts in this case, already twice dismissed in Court. The defendants are accused of staging an alcohol-fueled hazing event at Beta Theta Pi last year that Police say led to the death of frat pledge Timothy Piazza. Meanwhile, questions continue about a former Penn State employee who was a fraternity advisor in that frat house the same night Timothy Piazza was there. Now a separate investigation is under way on whether that house advisor lied under oath when he testified in Court last year. Tim Bream was not only a live-in advisor of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity in 2017 when Timothy Piazza died, he was also the head athletic trainer for the Nittany Lion Football team. Bream, who hasn't been charged in the case testified in Court last August and denied any wrongdoing. The lead Police Investigator, however, believes that Bream lied under oath during that hearing. Tim Bream resigned from Penn State. He is now the Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.