Missing Woman
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A family is still looking for answers years after a local woman disappeared. Jennifer Shadle was last seen in 2014. Tuesday marked the four year anniversary of this woman's disappearance. At the Ferguson Township Police Department, Officials have been working nonstop to figure out what happened. According to the Chief, this investigation relies heavily on people speaking up about what they know. It has been a difficult role for the family and friends of Jennifer Shadle. It has been four years since she disappeared without a trace from a busy shopping plaza, but her family holds on to hope. According to Police, the investigation has been ongoing, but now they are making changes. In May 2014, surveillance video capture Shadle leaving Walmart, but what happened next is still a mystery. Police are calling this a missing persons case. Police say Shadle did not have a cell phone or a car and none of her bank accounts have been touched since her disappearance. Nonetheless, the family says they will get justice for Jennifer. Ferguson Township Police say they listed Shadle on a national database, but that has not given them any leads yet. Police are asking anyone with information or tips to reach out to them at 800-479-0050.