Officer Assault
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A Clearfield County man accused of running away after assaulting and trying to disarm a trooper had his preliminary hearing Wednesday. Dale Shaffer, 35, of Olanta, is facing numerous charges including aggravated assault, disarming a law enforcement officer, endangering the welfare of children, simple assault, fleeing or attempting to elude an officer and harassment. The trooper involved in the assault testified at Wednesday's hearing. He said on April 30, he attempted to pull Shaffer over for an expired inspection sticker. The trooper said Shaffer didn't stop and led him on a 15 minute high speed chase. The trooper said Shaffer eventually stopped in a wooded area on Clark Road in Olanta. The trooper testified Shaffer got out of his car holding a beverage can. He said Shaffer continued to run and ignored commands, so he deployed his taser which knocked Shaffer to the ground. While trying to cuff Shaffer, the trooper said the taser's prongs moved and Shaffer punched him in the face. The trooper said Shaffer jumped on him and started chocking him out. He testified Shaffer yelled "Give me your gun" and "Do you want to die a hero?" He then said he rolled onto his side to stop Shaffer from getting his gun, but said he started to pass out. He stated he could hear sirens coming, and told Shaffer to run away to stop himself from passing out. The trooper testified he was taken to the hospital by ambulance where doctors determined he had a mild concussion. Police said Shaffer eventually voluntarily walked back to the scene after being promised cigarettes and beer. Police said they found drugs, a loaded gun and two children in Shaffer's car. Attorney Leonard Berger Jr. argued for Shaffer's bail to be lowered. Magisterial District Judge James Glass denied that request. Glass stated he did not believe Shaffer would show for future court proceedings with eight previous traffic citations and other criminal charges on his record. Shaffer remains in the Clearfield County Jail on $150,000 bail.