Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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The Penn State Chapter of Coaches versus Cancer held the annual golf tournament and auction last week. And this year they are expected to pass a major milestone in money raised that we look at in this week's Civic Service Report. The golf tournament is the flagship fund raiser for the Penn State chapter of coaches versus cancer. Attracting hundreds of golfers and many former Penn State players and coaches every year. The chapter was formed in 1995 by head coach Bruce Parkhill. Current head coach Patrick Chambers, carries on the tradition. "I lost my brother, friends, cousins, and everybody in our program, everybody here it touched us in some way." The tournament in the 22nd year has raised more than $1.5 million dollars itself when you combine that with other events they put on they raised almost $3 million and they plan to pass that milestone this year. "We got a call, somebody is trying to figure out an action plan, a caregiver is trying to help. They are trying to pay a bill. And we are able to a help them and reach out to them and say hey, lean on us during this time. We will be there for you." A former equipment manner knows the impact that can have firsthand. "Three years ago I was in a hospital with diagnosis of bladder cancer. And because of this foundation, CVC, I am able to be back here and be part of this event. So it's really a privilege and I am honored. For us to be able to give back and to let them know, especially if you are in this community, know a good percentage is going to stay here. Those stories really resonate with me." The organization accepts donations on their website that's cvcpennstate.org year round. And if you don't have a person know a person or organization doing good things let us know we will showcase them here every Thursday, in our Civic Service Report.