Bellefonte Switching to LED Lights
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Bellefonte street lights will soon be changed to LED lights in a move that is good for the environment and will save the township money. A total of 350 street lights throughout the borough including in residential neighborhoods and municipal parking lots, will be replaced by West Penn Power according to Bellefonte Borough assistant manager Don Holderman. Holderman said the initial cost for the replacement of the street lights will be provided by WestPenn as part of statewide initiative to switch to LED lights. He is unsure when WestPenn will start the process, but said it should be soon. Holderman said the borough should save an estimated $22,000 per year after the replacement because the lights offer a longer life span, with more than 50,000 projected hours, greater energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and faster turn-on and turn off rates. The borough recently switched to LED lights in the ornamental light posts downtown and in Talleyrand Park. Holderman said replacing around 360 lights in the posts cost around $7,000, but will save the borough $14,000 a year in energy costs.