Rally for Reform
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A state lawmaker plans to renew his push to abolish Pennsylvania's statute of limitations in sex-abuse cases after the publication of a grand jury report on allegations of child sexual abuse within six Roman Catholic dioceses around the state. Rep. Mark Rozzi said during a rally in Harrisburg this afternoon he's prepared to seek a vote in the state House of Representatives on legislation that carries provisions victims are asking for.Two years ago, the House overwhelmingly approved Rozzi's legislation to lift time limits for perpetrators of child sexual abuse to be sued by their victims and prosecuted by authorities, but the Senate rejected key provisions of it. Rozzi says he's hoping the grand jury's report due out later this month changes enough minds for his bill to pass the Senate. Former Bradford resident Jim VanSickle, who testified in front of the grand jury, was at today's rally. Attorney general Josh Shapiro has said that Father David Poulson would have been charged for abusing VanSickle while he was a student at Bradford Central Christian High School, but the statute of limitations had run out by the time VanSickle disclosed earlier this year.