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Many will celebrate with fireworks this July 4th holiday which could be a trigger for veterans like Scott Casimiro. He served as a Marine for more than five years. While he was deployed to Afghanistan, Casimiro lost an eye to an IED blast. Now he battles PTSD and has problems with unexpected loud noises. "I was wearing my Oakley M frames, and shrapnel went right through my Oakley M frames and pierced my left eye, I am blessed to be alive, It could be not just fireworks it could be a loud noise, something that fell on the ground." According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the Fourth of July is one of the hardest days of the year for veterans. Loud noises and large crowds can bring back memories of war. "You know you got to remember certain people don't understand and you just can't take it out on them, It takes a certain type of person to do research and or experience something like an explosion." Those experiences have led him to get involved. Right now Casamiro works with Hidden Wounds as a vet peer helping other veterans overcome the disorder. "I think its good to be considerate of others, Like us, we have social media to post on and sit there and say hey we are going to be lighting fireworks from this time to this time. I think that gives everybody kind of a heads up." For more information about dealing with PTSD, you can call 1-800-273-8255 (PRESS 1)