Artsfest 2018
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The annual Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts kicked off early today with the annual children and youth day. We got a chance to stop downtown and talk to some kids. There were tons of things for kids from a face painting, to painting pictures, to playing games and more. The free entertainment continues. There has been so much perfect weather going on, that tons of people are coming down, still, and it is the perfect day for you to bring out your kids to get the creative juices flowing. It is really exciting. Hundreds of kids and families crowd at the downtown area on Wednesday to kick off the central Pennsylvania Festival of Arts. The day featured several programs and events designed especially for the young ones it is the middle of July, and this activity happens every year, and the kids get to come out and spend the day making all sorts of things. We have wonderful little ones down at the front vendors on the street, and it is something to pass the day. From free arts and crafts on Penn State old main lawn, two musicals and dance festivals. They love to be creative. Arts and crafts of her favorite things to do at home. Nicole booth came from Clearfield County. She enjoys taking her kids to a mini road trip to the festival of arts. They get to make a new friend, and explore with other kids their age.