Dairy Farmers
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Dairy farmers are facing financial difficulties these days after there has been talk of a cheese factory coming to Centre County. Several dairy farmers we have spoken with say that it might be too late and they need help now. This is Harry Wasson's 50th year as a dairy farmer, in terms of profitability this could be the toughest year yet. "There is not much left out of the milk shack to pay the rest of the bills. We are dipping into savings. It is trying to go." How crazy is the current market? What you are paying is nowhere near what farmers are being paid. "Probably less than one dollar per gallon." Pennsylvania is one of the most productive dairy states in the nation but other milk you sent here. "They need to stop the flow of fluid milk to Pennsylvania that is coming out of New York and Ohio and Michigan. A study on improving the dairy finances says state college has a sight for a cheese factory. We are in the early stages so we are working with the governor action team for potential sites." The farmers reaction. "It can benefit if it happens soon enough but it will likely not happen for multiple years. Until then there is going to be a lot of numbers of farmers going out of business." "Agriculture remains Pennsylvania's top industry. "Take care of the dairy farmer because all agriculture relies on dairy"