Sunoco Logistics
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The family of a Huntington County woman who has made national headlines in the past for protesting a pipeline is speaking out again tonight. This time after being sentenced to jail. Help is starting to pour in from across the country. Ellen Gerhart was sentenced to serve up to six months behind bars after violating in order to stay off her own property. The judge ordered her to stop interfering with crews working on a pipeline. I spoke with the family today and they told me it has gone too far. "A judge said she has continued to interfere with the Sunoco Logistics pipeline project that goes through the family land." Along the property, the first sign as he speaks out against the pipeline project. The family has been protesting the construction since 2015. The project is still being done on three acres of their property. "It has gone so far that the government threw her in jail. For what? To protect a $50 billion corporation." That is Ellen's daughter. She also protected the project. She lived in trees to prevent workers from cutting them down. Allegations have again surfaced against Ellen. Her family would not confirm or deny the allegation. "My wife wouldn't hurt a spider on the ground there." He parent company of Sunoco said they are pleased that the judge took action. The activities were placing employees and contractors at risk. In the meantime, a go fund me page has raised more than $14,000 to help them with legal fees. Since the sentencing, thousands of activists have signed a petition to free her from jail.