Airport Upgrades
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University Park Airport has been awarded $2.2 million from Pennsylvania's Multimodal Transportation Fund for a project to improve access and parking. State Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Lock Haven said the infrastructure improvements will enhance airport operations and allow the airport to handle greater capacity in the future. University Park is the sixth busiest airport in the state. The state funding will fund a new access road that will be part of several improvements. "Airports are imperative to our transportation infrastructure and are an economic engine for local communities striving to bring more business and tourism dollars into our commonwealth, These funds will ensure continued growth and development of the commonwealth's airport system." Jim Meyer, executive diretor of the Centre County Airport Authority, said that a new access road will enable several changes. "The access road is designed to increase the size of our loop road, The new entrance to the airport will be opposite Alexander Drive next to FedEx. The field between FedEx and our current parking lot is planned to be additional parking with a new stormwater facility across Fox Hill Road out of view from the road. A bus station area will also be incorporated into this new loop road that runs in front of the terminal." University Park Airport is one of 14 in the state to receive funding through the aviation portion of the Multimodal Fund created by Act 89, which provides funding to governments businesses, economic development organizations and transportation agencies to improve transportation, safety and communities, according to state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman R-Benner Township. Corman said the airport funding will be beneficial to region's economic development. "This fund was specifically created to help communities like ours undertake important projects that are vital to economic development, We have seen time and again how improving the airport and improving access to our local community provides a significant economic boost to our region."