Recycling Programs Scaling Back
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More and more communities are scaling back or dropping recycling programs. One of the reasons why is the international trade wars, especially the China embargo situation. The recycling markets whether it be paper, plastic, glass or other items are financially unstable. The cost of recycling including collection and processing is increasing. The prices for recyclables sold is decreasing. One reason is China. Controlling a huge portion of the world recycling markets. They insist on taking recyclables that are not termed contaminated. China is no longer accepting any recyclables from the united states. "That trickles down to us here. Usually the bigger companies like Waste Management and some of the other ones nationwide will be able to use the domestic market. What we really need to do is develop more domestic end-users." The center county recycling market remains fairly stable. Here is one reason why. The Ohio State football game had 30 tons of recyclables collected and set a record. "The Ohio State game was the biggest recycling and trash game in my history which is almost 30 years."