Hit and Run Victim Dies
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Authorities said a woman who was hit by a car and left in the street after the driver left the scene died Tuesday. Emporium Borough police said Krystina Moore was hit by a car along E 2nd Street sometime around 9:30 p.m. Oct. 15. Two people driving in the area noticed her lying unconscious in the street and called police. Investigators quickly found the suspected vehicle and driver, 18-year-old Kaylie Pieczynski. According to a criminal complaint, Pieczynski was driving south on Pine St. and turned right onto E 2nd St. Family members said Moore was walking to a friend's house when Pieczynski struck her. Police said Pieczynski kept driving until she reached her home but never notified police. Moore was taken to UPMC Altoona with blunt head trauma and other head injuries, according to family members. Moore was in a coma until she died. Pieczynski was arrested and charged with hitting a woman with a vehicle and not contacting police. Court documents show her vehicular charge was upgraded to a second degree felony.