Sandusky Lawsuit Costs
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It's been seven years since Jerry Sandusky was arrested, and Penn State is still paying millions of dollars in resulting legal costs. The latest financial update on the scandal is included in Penn State's annual budget audit released this week for the latest fiscal year. The section of the report titled Litigation and Contingencies covers the Sandusky scandal expenses. Last year, the university acknowledged an additional $16 million in settlement costs without saying how many victims that covered. In the latest report, it's added another $4 million in settlement expenses, plus $3.5 million in what is termed internal investigation, legal communications and other related costs. That puts the Sandusky settlement costs alone at $113 million for at least an estimated 35 victims, with the entire cost of the scandal at more than a quarter of a billion dollars for Penn State and there could be more. The university anticipates other complaints could be filed saying in the report Additional claims could be paid in the future, but without having knowledge of the number and nature of such claims, the university is unable to predict the outcome of these matters or the ultimate legal and financial liability.