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The Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging is creating a community for people with dementia to live together. The Village of Hope will be located at the Former Girard Goshen Elementary School and 23 acres of woodland around it in Lecontes Mills. The Agency is partnering with Dr. Bill Thomas's New York-based advanced home manufacturing company Minka. Executive Director of the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging Kathy Gillespie said the community will consist of 60 minkas, small, independent cottages featuring smart home technology. "Our families are devastated by skyrocketing rates of Alzheimer's disease because our communities quite frankly are not designed to include them and help them thrive," said Gillespie. "We're partnering with Dr. Thomas to build the Village of Hope to give families hope that people living with dementia can participate and enjoy life when they live in a community that welcomes and includes them." The project also includes renovating the elementary school into a community center featuring a mix of retail, health services and local creative arts engagement programs designed with community participation for both young and old, Gillespie said. Gillespie said the project is expected to take three to five years to be completed. She said renovations on the school building will begin in the spring. Gillespie said rent will be based off 30 percent of the individuals income. Those interested should contact the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging at (814) 765-2696.