Dog Shooting Update
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An update on a story from last week, an Indiana County man is now in jail after Police say he shot a family pet and other unrelated charges. This started as a dog being shot but Police say when they found the suspect's hiding place, they found much more. 2-year-old Gus is still recovering after he was shot in the face last Sunday. He has a crushed jaw bone, lost four teeth, and has two bullet holes on his face. Gus and another dog were outside but quickly ran off to Hill Street in Clearfield. Through surveilance footage, police identified the shooter was 21-year-old Skyler Williams. They tracked him down at the Budget Inn where he was hiding out. An overwhelming smell of marijuana prompted Police to search the room. They found several drugs, including meth and heroin. They also found two stolen guns, one of which they say was used to shoot Gus. While the family is relieved someone is being held accountable, they say that the vet bills have reached over $5000. Williams told Police the dogs ran up him and his girlfriend when they were out walking and they continued to lunge and jump at him so he said he "had no other option." Williams remains in Clearfield County Jail tonight on $100,000 bail.