Multistate Drug Pipeline
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Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Tuesday the shutdown of a multistate pipeline that trafficked and sold crystal meth and cocaine from Ohio to Pennsylvania. Shapiro made the announcement at a press conference at the Clearfield County Courthouse, where he also announced new felony charges against those involved. "We've been sounding the alarm on the crystal meth issue for more than a year now and putting more dedicated resources behind it so that we could have victories like today,, where we are able to reclaim neighborhoods for the good people of Clearfield County," Shapiro said. The new charges are in addition to charges filed in September against Sondra McQuillen and Jason and Joyce Merritts for their alleged involvement with the ring, according to the release. The drugs distributed by the ring have an estimated street value of $1.5 million, including 10,000 grams of crystal meth, which Shapiro said is equal to 50 to 100 doses being used every week. "The illegal distribution of drugs is fueling an epidemic across Pennsylvania, Crystal meth trafficking is on the rise, particularly in rural parts of our Commonwealth, and our agents and prosecutors will investigate and charge it wherever we find it. I'm proud to announce that the Akron, Ohio, to Clearfield, Pennsylvania, crystal meth pipeline has been shut down."