PSU Theft
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A Brockway woman pleaded guilty Tuesday for stealing thousands of dollars from clubs and organizations at PSU DuBois. Barbara Holt, 66, pleaded guilty to theft by unlawful taking. She was sentenced to four years of probation and ordered to pay $5,710 in restitution. Director of Student Affairs Rebecca Pennington read a statement to the court. Pennington said Holt was her staff assistant and managed club funds for the 15 years she worked for PSU. "This has resulted in a full audit of our accounts and a new system to make sure no one could ever do this again," Pennington said. "Clubs are still being affected. They are unsure of whether or not they can trust again." When asked if she had anything to say, Holt said no. Judge Frederic Ammerman said perhaps if she had showed remorse, her sentence would have been less. As part of her sentence, Holt cannot enter the PSU DuBois campus or have any employment that requires her to handle money for charitable organizations.