Cow to Cone Short Course
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Learn the ins and outs of ice cream manufacturing as knowledgeable instructors take you from 'Cow to Cone' at the annual Penn State Ice Cream Short Course. Each year about 120 students from all over the world attend the program. In its 127th-year history the course has attracted more than 4,400 participants from every state in the nation and every continent except Antarctica. The student roster reads like a Who's Who of ice cream. Representatives from mom-and-pop operations as well as industry leaders, have traveled to University Park to learn the secrets of ice cream making. Participants represent Baskin-Robbins, Ben and Jerry's, Blue Bell Creamery, Borden, Colombo Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Friendly, Good Humor/Breyers Haagen-Dazs, Hershey, HP Hood, International Dairy Queen, Mars, Inc., Nestle, Sealtest, Schrafft, Wells, and other well-known ice cream manufactures. This 7 day course is offered annually in January. At this year's short course, students will attend more than 20 workshops on specialized areas of ice cream technology including flavoring, refrigeration freezing and hardening techniques, and the manufacture of frozen yogurt and novelty frozen desserts. The Berkey Creamery serves as a laboratory for research. Students should be prepared to study and review materials outside of class an optional closed-book examination follows the morning class session on the last day. Certificates will be awarded after the exam and class awards will be presented at the evening banquet.