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Pennsylvania Game Commission officials say they will not move forward with plans to reduce the deer population in Bedford and Blair counties. According to a release from the state game commission, the organization did not receive enough support from landowners to move forward with the deer reduction, which they say would help combat the effects and spread of chronic wasting disease. According to the release, staff with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services began seeking the permission of landowners for deer removal in recent weeks, but say few permissions were secured. Officials say other phases of the project, like placing GPS collars on deer, will still move forward. Officials with the game commission say they hope to increase awareness about CWD to gain the community support necessary to move forward with the deer removal plans. Officials said although deer will not be taken in the project this year, they are still working to coordinate isolated targeted-removal removal operations in other areas where a solitary CWD-positive deer has been detected.