Toilet Fire
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An Altoona man is facing arson charges for allegedly lighting a house on fire by throwing a cigarette in a toilet, police say. Emergency crews responded to a house fire at 1406 Logan Blvd. Tuesday. Police say they spoke to a woman on the scene who told them she was arguing with 38-year-old Michael Miller about his drinking habits. Police said the woman told them Miller was trying to take their car so she flushed a container full of gas down the toilet. The woman said the gasoline they use to start the car was kept in the house. According to police, the woman said Miller threw a lit cigarette into the toilet and left the bathroom as flames began to rise. The woman told police she fled the house and called 911. Investigators were able to identify gasoline as the cause of the fire. Miller said he didn't know there was gasoline in the toilet when he threw in his cigarette. Court documents show Miller is being held in the Blair County Prison. Some of his charges include arson, risking catastrophe and recklessly endangering another person. His bail is set at $25,000.