Landmark to be Demolished
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The last piece of a historical landmark in Clearfield County is being demolished. It was built during the 1800s when the milling industry was flourishing. We have more on what it meant for those who lived here. On route 322 it was part of the old flour mill. Farmers would line up for hundreds of miles waiting for their turn to get grain ground into flour. "If you were to look at this field, you'd never know there was an active business that stood in the spot." Board member of the historical society says the flour mill was built by David and Jason Kirk in the late 1800s. They came up in 1887 and built the mill. The mill sat in this open space and it was torn out years ago. And this barn being torn down is known as the mill but it was a storage and sales facility. It's a reminder of the thriving milling industry. According to the historical society. "Half the building was devoted to making house shingles and planing lumber. And the other section was the grinding mill which sent products to just about every state in the country." "And all around the farms of the area. They would bring the grain here to be ground. And it was known as a feed mill. So they probably ground flour for people but it was really a feed mill." "The buckwheat flour was considered a delicacy and sold nationwide." With demolition of the barn underway. He says it's sad to see a road go. "As we travel roads in America, we never really think about all of the lives and industry that went on along those roads this is another thing that's going to disappear." The barn was sold to the cross family some years ago. We tried reaching out to them for information about the demolition. But we have yet to hear back.