Sunday Blue Law
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The State Senate Game and Fisheries Committee approved legislation Tuesday for the Pennsylvania Game Commission to allow Sunday hunting. Senate Bill 147 passed by a vote of 8-3. Currently, hunting on Sundays in the state is limited to coyotes, foxes and crows. Hunters United for Sunday Hunting have been pushing to remove the prohibition. "If the Game Commission agrees this species can support being hunted on a Sunday, then there's really no reason why legislation should be in place that stops us from being able to exercise that liberty of being able to hunt," said the group's Executive Director Harold Daub. Daub said it would keep hunters in Pennsylvania. "I do hunt in other states that allow Sunday hunting," said hunter Joe Mitchell. "I think it would help the economy by allowing Sunday hunting. It will attract out-of-state hunters to come to Pennsylvania." Objections to the change include religious reasons and those wanting to get outside without fear of disrupting someone's hunt or getting shot. Other hunters said it would provide more opportunities. "I think we would get younger people out in the field more because kids have to go to school," said hunter Dave Senior. "Parents could also spend more time with their kids because they have to work during the week." The bill would also stiffen penalties for hunters who trespass on private property. According to the Game Commission, the legislation approved must pass the full Senate, the House of Representatives and be signed by the Governor before it could become law. "We are one of only three states remaining that have a probation on Sunday hunting and it's time that liberty is delivered to Pennsylvania hunters," said Daub. Hunters United for Sunday Hunting are hosting an informational meeting focusing on the Sunday hunting prohibition. It will be held Sunday at Penn State New Kensington on Seventh Street Road from 1 to 4 p.m.