Understanding Art
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Is center county artist is changing the look of the communities all across the state and now he is a qualified artist with mural arts Philadelphia. William Snyder the third grew up with a creative mind. He wanted to make something new. He began taken art lessons when he was 7 years old. "Learning the vocabulary at an early age, just having art is a language I speak it has always been how I make things." He currently teaches drawing part-time at Penn State explaining the language of art to non-majors who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to it "writing their signature as a line intuitively consents from the line and mark what kind of person that is. Naturally as humans we will read an image and understand why something feel depressing or peaceful or bright. They know the language already, it's just expanding it the scale." The mural on State College is third in Pennsylvania. Just this week he found that he is a qualified artist with mural arts Philadelphia a program originally turned to as a resource to learn about the mural process. "They have one of the most significant real programs probably in the country with hundreds if not more than that. Murals throughout the town." Now he can apply to be a practicing artist with any programs, so that when they put out calls for our proposal he can be a part of the bigger picture