Suicide Prevention App
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Local officials are releasing a first of its kind mobile application that they say could one day help the country. Our reporter is live to! The new steps local officials are taking to prevent suicide, Blair County officials released a new app today hoping to combat what they say is a growing problem in the communities. "Last year, Blair County, 23 residents took their lives. >> We began to notice there has been an increase in suicides in our county." Blair county officials there have been 58 suicides in the county over the last three years, and the year- to-year numbers have been steadily increasing. "We have a Blair County suicide prevention task force. They have been doing this in trying to get out communication, prevention tools, support, and other things to help individuals in our county." The task force had been using the Columbia suicide rating scale and paper form since 2000. They decided to take it to the next level. "It was determined and decided that she, wanted it be nice to have an APP because we know the younger generations, we all live by our phone. We don't need any formalized training. It's basically going through and answering the questions. If it's at the extreme level, and has the capability of giving in Blair County a local crisis number." The APP provides a national Hotline, but APP developers say they want to incorporate more crisis centers. "Our goal is to roll this out not lonely all over the state of Pennsylania, but also over the entire country." Medical experts in the new application as an an important will. "We certainly believe it will be lifesaving,first responder personnel. And this is something that is very accessible."