Eagle Scouts
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Two local eagle scouts planning to build a memorial are asking for the community's support. We spoke to the boys about the project, and we have the details.two boys completing their eagle scout projects claim to place a new firefighter and ems memorial right here at the Blair County courthouse. Timothy and Ian presented their proposal last month to erect a memorial for the 16 firefighters that died in the line of duty. It will highlight the sacrifice and hard work of emergency medical services. They sent letters to 95 businesses and organizations in the Altoona area asking for support, but he says the project has less than one third of the necessary funding. They hope the community sees "the value in honoring first responders and the significance of the memorials location.in Blair County, we don't have any recognition for the firefighters and ems currently, maybe some branch locations, but not a centralized location. I thought at the courthouse, this would be a great location to help the firefighters."