Warm Spring Day
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Residents in Clearfield County took advantage of Thursday's warm temperatures. After months of snow and freezing temperatures, people in DuBois said the hope it's a sign spring is here. "The weather is beautiful, the skies are bright blue, the wind is breezy and it is just a good day to play at the park," said Kassondra Shobert. Many kids enjoyed the 60-degree weather by playing at the DuBois City Park. "I brought my grandson out and we just wanted to enjoy the day since the sun is shining and it's not snowing or raining," said Pam Heist. "We've been stuck inside for so long, it's dryer out and we decided to come to the park to get some energy out and enjoy the weather while we can," said Sherri Ramsey. People also took advantage of the warm temperatures by washing and cleaning out their cars. DuBois City workers were also out hosing down sidewalks and using the street sweeper. Many said they hope the sunshine is here to stay. "I'm hoping it's the start to spring," said Ramsey. "I hope it's a nicer summer because it has been such a long winter." "I hope the Groundhog didn't lie and I hope that it stays," said Shobert. The first day of spring is March 20.