Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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A Group in Altoona is preparing for the holiday since mid-March. This weeks civic service report we are checking out Easter for Eli. "When you're in a hospital and you're down and out everyday even if it's a good day, here in a good day in the hospital could be a lot better out of the hospital. the baskets are just overwhelming the happiness and joy that we see." It all started with this brave little boy. Elias Garrett also known as Eli was in the hospital battling T cell lymphoma over two Easter holidays. His family made sure he didn't miss out on his favorite part of the day. thats getting his Easter basket. " My aunts and coworkers They would make baskets for Eli. They delivered extras, and Eli would take his pick up whatever baskets he wanted. We would we would share the rest with the oncology floor." sadly He lost his battle with cancer just 10 days before his fourth birthday. The group makes and delivers Easter baskets to kids in the hospital and Eli's name. "We have a goal of 319 baskets. Within a week or two we had 319 baskets goal and two more weeks went by at 600. A couple more weeks and it was on 1000 baskets." These are for Eli foundation found 11,000 baskets with over $15,000 in gift cards. "16 hospitals six states, the last four years. We try to provide a basket for all of the siblings as well." This year they collect baskets and donations until March 31. The age ranges from neonatal to 18 years old. They're asking for no food or candy donations. All new items, and for the baskets to be sealed or wrapped with the appropriate age range labeled on it.? We are filling these whole hospitals and every floor inpatient, outpatient, ERs, clinics, anybody that walks in and out of the hospital will have a basket on Easter at the hospitals we provide to." If you like to donate, they are collecting those donations until the 31st. All you have to do is head to the Facebook page Easter for Eli Facebook page for a list of drop off sites, and how to get in touch.