Shooting Update
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The Centre County District Attorney's Office provided an update Tuesday to their investigation of a fatal officer-involved shooting in State College. Last month, 29-year-old Osaze Osagie was shot and killed by police while officers were serving a mental health warrant. Police say Osagie was wielding a knife at the time of the shooting and came after the officers after being told to drop it. Now, state police say they have finished interviewing everyone identified as having knowledge of the incident, and evidence has been processed and sent to Harrisburg for testing. Police say they are still waiting for the results of those tests. Meanwhile, police say they've received Osagie's records from outside agencies that have been involved with him. The clinical pathologist who conducted the autopsy is waiting for the results of the crime lab's testing before finalizing a report, police say. After receiving this information, Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna will complete his investigation and report the results to the individuals and families involved, before reporting to the public.