Atherton Construction
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The North Atherton Street construction project is proving to be a nuisance for drivers. Backups, long delays and detours, drivers are now making all of that part of the daily commute. We are here along North Atherton of the Penn State campus. As for the schedule update, good news and bad news. Penndot says the project will be wrapped up by the end of the year but the bad news, we have to get through the summer paving season. The North Atherton Street reconstruction is extensive with numerous infrastructure changes and road improvements. Now in its second year, Penndot says there is plenty of frustration from motorists . "We have gotten quite a few complaints but also some constructive criticism as well that we have tried to implement some things into our project." Penndot says the end is in site. The roadway itself will first have to be regraded and have other improvements before it gets a new surface. "Whenever we perform the paving operations, we will be doing that 24/7 as well so one of our goals is to pave from Aaron Drive down to Blue Course Drive and we're hoping to do that toward the end of may." The rest of the repaving is set for this fall. Penndot will hold construction this Friday and Sunday due to the added traffic expected for Penn State football game. Once this phase of the project is done, the street will still be torn up for a while. Penndot will then begin work on South Atherton Street from Park Ave into the borough.