Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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A Local teenager is preparing to host the third annual fundraising 5k. It raises money for a cause very close to her heart. Take a look at that in this week's civic service report. "I was in my room and it popped into my head to help kids in foster care. We did foster care and adopted two girls." Sabrina Corman started the Ethel Beaver fund 5k run and walk in 2017, when she was 13. "I want to do that because families of all ages can participate. And if a parent wants to bring kids they can go in a stroller and walk it. Bring you pets or ride bikes" the event raises money for the Ethel Beaver fund which helps families with foster kids. For the routine perks in life "they can go for a family vacation,sporting activities, after school activities. Anything people take for granted everyday" last year 40-50 people took part. This year, it will coincide with the next steps recruitment event for center county children and youth services. "People do not realize there is a need in happy valley and center county for foster families there is a need." Officials say if you are not ready to commit to being a foster parent, there are other ways you can help. "There are other ways to help. If you are not able to make the commitment to being a full-time foster parent, there are other ways to help support the foster families in our community."