Wolf Administration Visit
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The Wolf administration is visiting Elk county as part of fighting blight. "There is not place in Pennsylvania that is not touched by these needs." The department of community and economic development toward the city of St. Marys, as part of restore Pennsylvania. The governors statewide plan to address the commonwealths infrastructure needs. Including blight, broadband access and steward and water. "It is common everywhere. Often, we drive by blight and do not think about it. The governors restore program was an opportunity that we see to secure our future." City leaders show deputy secretary, blighted storefronts "it is great to have the acknowledgment that there is something going on and there may be a chance for further investment by the state." The wolf administration also learned about how the city is fighting blight on their own. Leaders are trying to build an outdoor amphitheatre in or near the parking garage and a soccer facility at Kaulmont Park. Straw brewery is transforming a blighted property into a visitor center and tap room. "They have a vision for where they want to go and when places have a vision its easier for me to get there."