Animal Rescue/Abuse
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Over 40 animals, including farm animals, were removed from a home Thursday, according to the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society. Officials with the Humane Society said one dog three cats, one pig, two goats and 34 chickens were removed from the house due to horrific conditions. According to a Facebook post, the dog had a massive tumor on its leg and had to be euthanized because the cancer had spread through her body. Human Society officials said the goats and chickens were all living inside the house the goats were in one bedroom while the 34 chickens were all kept in another bedroom with years of waste buildup covering the floors. Now, Humane Society officials say all the animals have been fed, cleaned and are being well cared for. All of the animals were up for adoption. The humane society said the adoption applications for the chickens have been closed because of the overwhelming response.