Primary Elections
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Primary elections are coming up. State officials want to remind everyone about the registration deadline. As well as the easiest ways it can be done. The deadline to register or change registration to vote in the May 21st, municipal primary election is April 22nd. "I vote because it is a right. It is freedom that most countries do not have. And we do. Everyone should vote. Every vote counts." The primary election consists of party nominations to municipal, county and court offices. Only voters registered in one of the major parties will select nominees, to represent their party in the November general election. "Be aware, it is Pennsylvania and a closed primary. Just the democrats and republicans are receiving ballots this time. We do not have any municipalities with any questions or referendums on the ballot. Where third-party could vote." Director of voter registration Donna Bumbarger says there are currently 44,000 registered voters in Clearfield County. She says, the easiest and quickest option to register, is online at votespa.com. Voters can mail in paper applications or register in person at your county elections office. The sooner you do it, the better. "It just holds everything up if theres a mistake or we need more information that just makes it a little bit longer"