Memorial Field Update
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Plans to renovate the State College Memorial Field are now moving forward but the decisions have not been without problems. Some are worried improvements to the field may cause disturbances for neighbors. We have the details. Construction for the renovation project for Memorial Field expected to get underway soon and the school board previously voted once the project begins they will continue through and that means this fall with the field torn up where will the football team and other sports teams play ball? That question was partially answered in a Monday work session by state college borough council. "I am very concerned about the idea that the use of this school property suddenly becomes entirely dependent on counsel every year or two." The school property she is referred to is the South track and field complex and the borough council got involved after the school district requested 70 foot lights to be installed at the field which is higher than what the borough currently allows so council was asked to approve a zoning variance and there's concerns in nearby neighborhoods about light and noise, the school band also get a new practice field. "It is important for people, many of them expressed their strong support for the band, and this being a better place for them to practice." Council Monday approving the amendment and a 4-3 vote and the school district approved spending $400,000 for the south field lights. "We will immediately move forward with the purchase order for the lighting vendor to begin construction and we expect the lights to be installed over the summer and be operational for the fall season. Also been set up for the football season at the South field would be more seating and the borough council said the school district as approval to move ahead with installing the lights at the south field and other details, a finalized agreement are expected to be worked out between the two parties by the end of this summer.