Law Enforcement Troubles
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Attorney Cantorna is speaking out as people in state college continue to voice their opinions and concerns about that deadly officer involved shooting last month. Cantorna together with law enforcement spoke about last month's officer involved shooting. A man who said he had similar mental struggles 45 years ago but couldn't get help until he bought a gun and shot himself. Cantorna wants to see the law changed that deals with a 30 day conviction. Many other states don't have similar requirements. "I don't think we should wait until somebody actually acts upon a threat. If there's a clinical history we know somebody is going to be in crisis and dangerous based on their past mental health issues." Clinicians, psychologists, treatment providers should be able to act before they actually reach that critical stage. That's a long term goal, short termer's already want a formation of a task forces and community forums plenty of discussion. "The law enforcement perspective we're going to sit down because we can act quickly. We're going to review how we connect things, how we can act with the facilities and how we do things."