Music Festival
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An estimated 15,000 people are headed to Agape farm in Huntingdon County for the 41st edition of Creation Festival, a Christian music festival. "I'm excited to get all the concerts because I really like partying in the mosh pit," said Elana Grove. "We're so excited to be able to have all the big bands, but we're also just as excited to have all the smaller bands and different genres of music as well as all the children's ministry and speakers all around the festival grounds," said Ben Comer, Creation Festival Executive Director. Comer says people come from all over the world for the jam packed four day event. "We have people all the way from Washington state that are already here with us there will be multiple countries and usually all 50 states represented," Comer said. "It's all of your favorite artists in one place in one week. So it�s a little crazy, but a good kind of crazy," said Sarah Nagengast, who is attending the full event. The majority of festival-goers camp without electricity or running water, but they "ay that just adds to the Creation experience. "We camp in a tent. . . like we're not Glampers "It's like a little bit of a culture shock to go from sleeping in my comfy bed with with my memory foam pad to like a tent but I think it's fine," Nagengast said. "When you're with the right people you make the most out of it." "The camping experience is for most people, for many people up to 20 to 25% actually is the main reason why they come," Comer said. For Nagengast, the festival is a time to Connect with her faith. "Got us a present at creation that you won't find a place where you'll feel the Holy Spirit more," Nagengast said. Wednesdays performances include the likes of former American Idol contestant, Mandisa. The festival runs until Saturday night when double-platinum rockers Skillet close the festival.